123456, 123456789 , qwerty, baseball, password, football .

Have you ever used one of these passwords? They are some of the most common and least secure passwords of this past year. We are going to give you a few pointers on how to create a secure password that you can still remember.

Many websites now require certain things when you make a password like at least one upper case, one lower case, one symbol and one number. This is to make your password more secure. Think about it this way; if you have a 1 character password that is just numbers you have 10 options (0-9), if you use just letter you have 26 (a-z), just symbols and you have a few options, combine them and your one character password could take 40 attempts to crack, add a second character and you have 1600 options instead of just 100 if you are only using numbers! Adding upper case and lower case gives even more options which makes it more difficult to guess.

Here are a few tips:

-Don’t use one of those ones I mentioned above, they are all terrible

-If you have one of those passwords I mentioned, change it after watching and sharing this video so all of your friends who also use the same passwords can also change theirs

-in many cases you need to add a symbol, you could add a period or the less common asterisk. If you are using two words you can put it in between the words, before, after, or in the middle, it could even replace another one of your letters.

-Make something complex yet simple

1) Use a familiar term or word as a starting point, we’ll start with ‘employers’ ; it is a word someone wouldn’t think of yet one that you could remember for your work computer

2) Use an Upper case letter, now we have ‘Employers’

3) Change out any letters that you can for a number, in this case I’ll change the ‘o’ to a zero so we have ‘Empl0yer’ you can also switch i’s or L’s for 1’s, s’s and fives or dollar signs, we can end up with something like “Emp10yer$” which is much more difficult to guess

Performing these simple steps makes it almost impossible for someone to guess your password. If you want a truly secure password you will randomly generate a password like “Vo1DQ2r3.JLb” but you don’t want to forget it so we’ll keep it “complex yet simple”