The pen, a simple yet mighty invention that has been used worldwide. You can use it to sign an offer on your dream house, to write a love note for your partner, or to draw the best stick man you can! What allows these pens to work is ink. Now, in the modern era we sign with Docusign, send a text message, and your kid is the one doing the drawing (probably on your wall). The only ink that we tend to use these days is in our printers but that raises a question. Why, when pens are so cheap, are cartridges so expensive?

A standard ballpoint pen has about 1/4 of a mL of ink and you can buy a pack of 60 for less than $10 so that’s about $650/Litre

A cartridge for a common canon printer is $27.76 for 8mL which works out to $3470/Litre … and we thought that gas was bad!

So what makes printer ink so expensive compared to a pen? … The simple answer is greed

Printer manufacturers sell the printers at low prices so they can rob you blind on the cartridges. Fortunately some manufacturers are fighting back and are making compatible ink. We have actually partnered with one of these manufactures and can save about 40% on most inks which is such exciting news, unfortunately that ink would still cost about $2000/Litre but that hurts a little less!

Of course the other option is always laser printers which use a dry ink that cost a whole lot less per page (especially with our current supplier)

Send us a message if you want to find out how much your ink will cost with our new partner!