Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015, however the extended support will be available until January 14, 2020. So what does this mean for your Windows 7 system? 

Extended support 

When an operating system (OS) enters extended support it is still very safe to use as Microsoft continues to patch any security threats or malicious content viewed as threats. Although Microsoft will continue to monitor these potential security threats, they will not update or add in any new features to the OS. 

What happens when extended support has ended? 

Windows 7 will become vulnerable to security risks within the OS and the applications it runs. This means any information, documents, and or pictures on your system will be at a high risk for Ransomware attacks and corruption from malware. 

What are the options going forward? 

By the end of 2018, 36.9% of all personal computers in the world had Windows 7 installed. On the other hand the ‘Big Bad Scary’ Windows 10 was installed on 37.8% of all personal computers. Despite the different opinions regarding Windows 10, it has come and is here to stay. From a users perspective of Windows 10 it’s not as scary as it first may seem. In the beginning stages when Windows 10 was first introduced, it was very flawed and had many of bugs. That being said, since then numerous large updates to the operating system have occurred and it is now in its peak performance and will continue to be updated and supported for many more years.

If your system will support the update to Windows 10, that is your best option, next to purchasing a new system. Most computers running Windows 7 can still be upgraded to Windows 10. However, if the upgrade cannot be completed, the computer is likely old enough to warrant purchasing a new computer. 

What about windows 8/ 8.1? 

Mainstream support of windows 8/ 8.1 ended January 9, 2018 and extended support will continue until January 10, 2023. Given the fact this OS has 4 years remaining on extended support it’s still very safe to use. 

Releasing what is arguably the worst Operating System, windows 8/ 8.1 is still very flawed as Microsoft has abandoned fixing many bugs in the OS. The solution at the time was to release a brand new OS (Windows 10) and forget that 8/8.1 even existed. This has caused trouble for users and developers of programs as a lot of issues can occur when using the OS. If your system is running windows 8/ 8.1 in most cases, it is an easy and seamless transition to Windows 10.