When it comes to back ups you either have one or you don’t.

What is a back up?
A Back up is a copy of your personal files(pictures, music, writing etc) from your computer that is saved on a separate drive.

Do you need a back up?
If you have any files that you would not want to lose in the event of a computer failure or a bad virus, Then you need a back up.

Why back up your files?
Your hard drive is a very fragile thing. It is a very very thin aluminum disk spinning at 6,000 rotations/minute sending magnetic signals to a head that hovers over it, small bumps and rattles can be enough to create errors in hard drives, or more permanent damage.

How much do they cost?
Back ups can vary in cost depending on the type of back up hardware you use. We have back ups that start as low as $59.

Do you have a back up?
If you don’t please call us today, for as low as 59. You can get a back and live with peace of mind that you have your favourite memories are preserved.

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