What is the first step to getting start? If you have never used online banking before, the first time you set it up you will need to call your bank, and they will give you’re a temporary password to get the process Started. (Call the number on the back of your bank card)

  Is banking online secure? All banking is online, that is how you are able to go into any branch in Canada and see your balance, deposit cheques etc. Banking online is very secure, and banks will offer insurance and support if anything does come up.

Which device is safest to use for online Banking?

a. Banking on Mobile devices is actually one of the most secure ways to bank as the app has been created by the bank and is updated regularly
b. If doing online banking with a computer use an Anti-Virus, and try to keep the software up to date.


Is Apple Pay Secure? Yes, by technical standards using Apple Pay or Google Pay is more secure than traditional bank cards as they will use level biometrics(finger print/face recognition) to confirm your identity versus a 4-digit pin.


What about passwords? In order to use online banking, you will need to create a password to protect your account. We always recommend using a completely unique password (not a password you have used for any other account) We recommend not allowing any services to remember this password. Having to enter the password every time you log in will also help to ensure you remember it.


Do you have any password tips? I always recommend using a longer password like a phrase that you won’t forget. It is actually easier to remember 3 words then one.

  For example, if you wanted to create a password based on a memorable vacation to PEI. You could do something like this.



Linking 3 pieces of information will actually make the password more memorable to you, and a lot more secure.